Classic Car Transport Services Shipping Your Car with Care


Owners of classic and vintage vehicles have unique auto shipping needs. Look for a car moving company that is experienced or specializes in classic car transport services. These companies appreciate the intrinsic and extrinsic value of your vehicle and understand the measures needed to ensure the safe transport of your car.

Valuable Cars

Classic, vintage, antique, limited-edition and exotic cars are valuable to owners on a multitude of levels. Many owners spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to restore and rebuild classic cars. Some car aficionados build custom parts and spend hours working on the car themselves.

Fine paint details, fragile outer features, expensive upholstery and rag tops are just some of the considerations that movers need to take into consideration when moving a classic car. Whether you yourself are relocating or you’re traveling to display your prized car at an auto show, only consider classic car transport services with experience that provide the best car shipping rates.

Enclosed Transport

Classic cars require enclosed transports. Whether your method of transport is a train, boat or truck, enclosed freights, containers and trucks decrease your car’s exposure to external elements.

With enclosed transports, your classic is protected from severe weather that could cause damage. Harsh rains and snow can lead to rust, water can damage fabric tops and uncovered upholstery and hailstones can cause minor dings and dents.

An enclosed transport also limits the number of people who come in contact with your vehicle. Someone walking close to your car may inadvertently cause scratches; also, fingerprints and smudges can detract from fine paint detail.


Classic car transport services should be familiar with the careful handling required during all phases of transport. Some measures a high-end company might take during the process of moving your vehicle include:

  • Keeping the inside of your car clean – placing mats and seat covers in your car
  • Level loading– hydraulic lift gates prevent undue tension on the suspension system
  • Safe loading – accommodating vehicles with a low ground clearance
  • Straps – using nylon straps over the wheels to secure your car to the transport
  • Added contingencies – placing plastic and/or cloth covering over your car

Placing your car inside the transport should be done with great care. Operators should take obvious precautions not to damage your car, but extra touches such as covering the inside and outside of your vehicle are only found in companies that truly appreciate the worth of your car.


Many companies offer a means to track your classic. Utilizing GPS technologies you may be able to track the exact location of your car at any given time by logging onto the company website and entering a code or calling a company representative. Other companies may take it upon themselves to call or e-mail you with scheduled updates.

Upon request, the company should be able to provide information regarding the driver moving your car and, in come cases, arrange for you to meet him or her personally before taking custody of your car.

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Despite taking all the proper precautions, sometimes accidents happen. Most owners of classic cars opt for added insurance protection through the auto transport company or by extending their private policy. Regardless of what choice is best for you, make sure you understand the insurance policy and the exact coverage as it pertains to your car.

You are also within your rights to ask to view the company’s insurance certificate as well as their USDOT and/or MC number. The latter are issued by the Department of Transportation and allow an easy means to research company safety record, including any history of citations, investigations and accidents.

Making the Move

Companies that offer classic car transport services should have direct experience moving antique, vintage or show cars. Explore the options offered by each company and choose the company that meets your needs and standards as well as understands the intrinsic and extrinsic value of your car.